A close look a the criticism of Israel’s political actions, and the difference between political debate and anti-semitism.


Many people are questioning the actions of Israel, recently and, at least here in America, questioning Israel’s actions can generate accusations of being Anti-Israel, which in turn generates accusations of Anti-Semitism.

But Israel is not just an ideal, it is a country, a political, democratic entity, accountable to not only its own citizens but — as the Zion of old — to all the Jews in the diaspora.

Questioning, even criticizing, the actions of the Israeli government is no more Anti-Israel than criticizing the actions of the President or Congress in the U.S. is Anti-American.  On the contrary, open criticism of the government — of any democratically elected government — is crucial to the democratic process.


Liberal Zionism compels us to criticize Israel for her flaws

My devotion to Israel can be unconditional, even if I am critical – sometimes harshly critical — of Israeli policies that make no sense.

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