Should People Have a Right to Have Children?

An analysis on an adult(s)’ right to bear children into a society.

After seeing so much in the news that past couple days about the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) ‘cure’ for autism, the concept of the right to bear and raise children has been a strong topic for me of late. I will make it clear here that I have no intent of ever being a parent. I’m not interested in pregnancy, I am not fond of infants (and will never for the life of me understand how people fine them ‘cute’), and I am far too insecure to think that I would provide a better motherly relationship for my child than my mother gave to me (and I will note that although she is by no means a bad mother, I would not wish such an awkward relationship on another child).

As a member of society, however, I reserve the right to comment on the concept of parenthood and the right to parenthood, as the children of our up-and-coming generations will not only change the course of our nation’s history, they will also directly impact my life on an individual basis. Those parents who do not take this responsibility seriously need to reweigh their intents and options. I choose not to have children for precisely that reason. I have weighed my intentions and options regarding the responsibility of parenthood and have determined that the child I would bring into the world would not have the proper support and upbringing to be the kind of person I would want to offer society.

What do you think? Do adults have a right to bear children regardless of their own state of the state of society? And if societal responsibility trumps sexual rights, how does society enforce this requirement?

Benjamin Studebaker

Many of my blog posts make some pretense of having something to do with a current event or news item. But sometimes I find myself thinking about larger issues of general principle that do not easily map onto any of the day’s controversies. This is that sort of post. I’ve recently found myself thinking about whether or not human beings should have an inalienable right to have children. It seems to me that we commonly assume that people do or should have this right, but it is not at all obvious to me that this is really the case. Here’s why.

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