Welcome to The Discussion

Welcome to The Discussion, an online publication where debate and commentary can thrive. I am your Editor-in-Chief.

The Discussion is an open forum for any topic, from casual ideas in need of development to thorough debates on the most controversial of topics in modern society. Some posts will be well-formulated essays, while others with be simple one paragraph blurbs. The purpose of The Discussion is just that, discussion.

There is no ‘agenda’ behind the topics or opinions published here. You may find completely opposing opinions on the same topic published on this forum. That is its purpose. As Editor-in-Chief, I will not deny entries for personal reasons such as disagreement with the topic or opinion of the contributor. I will be an active assistant in editing your work for grammar, spelling, and syntax, in order to uphold a consistent and professional style for all content on The Discussion. I will also be active in the comments of the articles published.

There is only one form of restriction to this page; civility. Disrespectful comments, insults, and trolling will not be tolerated. This applies to topics submitted for publication as well as comments to publications. You are free to submit topics that I may not personally agree with, you are free to post comments which disagree with the author’s opinion on their publication, but above all, discussion is based in civility, and that will be upheld at all times on this page.

If you are interested in submitting content for The Discussion, please fill out the form in the ‘Contribute to The Discussion‘ page. As Editor-in-Chief, I will review your submission, provide content and editorial feedback for your consideration, and add you as a user to the page for you to post your content.

Cheers to all, and happy writing!




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